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The Anatomy of Casement Windows That You should Know

Casement Windows are designed to fit any window replacement, allowing fabricators and client’s maximum freedom. However, before purchasing casement windows for your home or workplace, it is necessary to understand the basic anatomy of a casement window in order to understand its advantages and benefits.

Popular Types of Window Opening

Windows and Doors are a major part of an efficient and quality home. Well-insulated windows can provide mental comfort, prevent thermal bridges and heat exchange and keep the inhabitants safe and warm. Beautex Fenestration provides top-notch windows of every kind to suit needs from contemporary

5 Things to Consider When Choosing New Windows

Windows are a key element of our home, on one hand they allow us to be in relation to the outside, enjoy the surroundings, fill our spaces with light, but at the same time they must protect us from the inclement weather and not be

Factors the Affect Energy Saving in a Window

The energy saving in a window is determined mainly by three values: the solar factor, transmission losses and air infiltration. The solar factor represents the solar energy that allows a certain enclosure to pass to the interior rooms and is the first one to take

Aluminum Windows : Elegant and Versatile

It is no secret, aluminium windows are back and now they are better than ever, providing a lot of practical and stylistic benefits, all at a relatively low cost. If you are looking for an elegant window for your project, Ponzio aluminium windows are an