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Windows and Doors Features

An efficient and quality window improves home comfort and reduces energy losses because it solves the problem of thermal bridges , which causes a building to be cooler in winter and warmer in summer. In addition, efficient windows apart from having good thermal insulation.

We are known to guarantee safety and security from burglars, weather, wind, and unwanted noise pollution. We offer a wide range of lockable handles that come in various designs that are concealed yet highly effective.

Our Slim frame window system offers glazing options with high-quality multi-locking point system offering the best possible burglar resistance in accordance with European standards.

Our windows and doors are compatible to any home security systems


Georgian bar refers to windows with an internal or external bar fitted on it. The name comes from the window style used during the Georgian period. Since glass was expensive, adding bars reduced the size of panels needed.

Georgian bar windows are a great and classic addition to any place. They can be made from timber, Aluminium, composite or uPVC.


Persian Louvres are a traditional window style that allow light without admitting dust. It is a traditional take on the windows “blinds” that were used in Europe. They are extremely aesthetic and easy to maintain.

Louvers – Louvred windows are usually made from timber, Aluminium, composite or uPVC


Today’s popular styles include simple and sleek openable windows that can rotate about a hinge. These modern designs allow maximum light and ventilation and are 100% openable . Sleek designs can be obtained by using Aluminium, timber of uPVC for the frame.


These are 100% openable windows where the panels fold and form a stack at the side. So you have a free and unobstructed view of the outdoors.
They’re perfect additions to lounge and balcony spaces. These are a great choice if you don’t want the window panels to obstruct the openings.


Drawn from European standards, Slimline windows use thin and elegant systems to provide a classy and chic atmosphere. They are an elegant addition to any place. The innovative design keeps the window out of
focus and brings in the beauty of the surroundings. More glass less vertical members for large panels upto 6 meter hiegth with automation feature


Sliding windows are designed for spaces that do not want windows projecting from the wall. These windows have two or more sashes, which pass each other horizontally within the frame. Sliding windows boasts a classic style which suits most architectural styles.


The quality of the sound insulation of the windows of a home is essential to achieve a quiet and comfortable home. An inadequate level of sound insulation in the home can prevent our proper rest and lead to stressful situations that are harmful to health.