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We procure glass from our channel partner ASAHI. Asahi Glass India Pvt. Ltd. (AIS) is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Asahi Glass Co. Ltd (AGC). Incorporated in 1984, Asahi is a world class integrated glass company with 12 plants and global customers spanning across India. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of automotive and float glass in the country.

Various types of Glass Options are available.

  • Tinted Glass: Added to the basic glass batch that gives the glass color and reduces the transmission of light through it.
  • Tempered / Toughened Glass: A type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Fully toughened glass is approx 4-5 times stronger.
  • Laminated Glass: Two or more panels of glass permanently bonded together with one or more. It offers good acoustic insulation and high protection against burglary.
  • Double Glazing (DGU): Double or even triple glass window panels are separated by an air or other gas space to reduce heat and sound transmission across a part of the building envelope.
  • Annealed Glass: glass produced without internal stresses imparted by heat treatment, i.e., rapid cooling, or by¬†toughening or heat strengthening.
  • Reflective Glass: glass that has been treated with a metallic coating to allow it to reflect heat.
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