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Glass – Material

Glass is a hard substance which may be transparent or translucent and brittle in nature. It is manufactured by fusion process. In this process sand is fused with lime, soda and some other admixtures and then cooled rapidly. Glass is used in construction purpose and architectural purpose in engineering.

Windows and doors are amongst the most frequently stressed components of a house. Wind and rain, strong temperature fluctuations, environmental influences and mechanical stresses constantly take their toll. Aluminium is proven to be more

  • Weather – Resistant.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Beautiful structures in any colour.
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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass remains intact when broken, protecting people from injury. Laminated glass is very safe in overhead glazing

  • The PVB interlayer material has viscoelastic property which in turn helps in the reduction of sound acoustic insulation
  • Laminated glass reduces transmission of UV rays and hence protects the furniture from fading
  • It is durable and maintains color and strength for a much longer time
  • The installation of laminated glass is similar to any other type of glass

Reflective Glass

Floating glass with a metallic coating, reflective glass helps in reflecting back the solar radiation, thus taking care of thermal insulation better than tinted glass and also radiation. Also, it ensures minimum visibility from the outside.

Low E Glass

SGG Planitherm is a low-e glass manufactured using magnetic enhanced cathodic sputtering under vaccum conditions. Being a low-e glass, SGG Planitherm, reflects most of the long-wave heat radiations allowing for maximum thermal comfort. SGG Planitherm comes with qualities of excellent light transmission and low reflections, which allows maximum light penetration through the glass and provides impeccable clarity.

Tempered Glass

These glasses are tempered under very high temperature, thus making quite stronger than the normal float glass. Due to heating, they become brittle and because of that when broken, they shatter into small pieces.


Your windows are equipped with innovative technologies that you won’t be able to live without! uPVC windows are designed to transform your space while keeping it secured against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs.

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IDEAL 4000

uPVC windows IDEAL 4000 are one more small effort from our side to increase our customer’s experience. Its operation is rather smooth and easy in comparison to other uPVC windows.

  • Thermal insulation value of the standard combinations Uf = 1.3 W/m²K
  • Glazing thickness up to 41 mm
  • Noutstanding sound insulation up to sound transmission class IV (45 dB)
  • Different profile shapes for an individual design.
  • Special security hardware guarantees the highest level of burglary protection.


HST 85MM ensures you enjoy beautiful views over your natural surroundings thanks to very wide opening angles. It has been designed especially as a door for patios, balconies and gardens.

  • Improved insulation properties
  • Threshold and guide rail in aluminium or GRP depending on the module
  • Glazing and panel thickness up to 51 mm
  • The integrated sealing increases the quality of the door
  • Many decor variations available
  • Available with aluskin® aluminium shells


The sash slides parallel to the fixed pane of glass, which means it does not occupy any extra space. The result? Spacious room designs with added value in terms of living comfort!

  • Glazing thickness upto 32 mm
  • Extension profile for multi-track guide rail available
  • Co-extruded gaskets
  • Excellent structural values allow for large element
  • Aluminium threshold with integrated Drain Function