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Fly Mesh

A pleated insect screen, of Italian make, is designed by Lucia Di Francesco.

Energy Efficiency

Sleek design and easy operation of our Mosquito/Insect Screening System make an ideal statement in window fashion. Our screening systems are innovative and trendy it adds to beautification of window. We are expertise in designing Mosquito Net/Insect screens which can be installed over new as well as existing Doors & Windows. Our mosquito net for windows and doors are cost effective and value for money.

Mosquito Free Premises

Beautex offers a wide range of High-quality Mosquito Nets / Mesh to let you choose the … Blockffly, an Italian mosquito net.

Air Ventilation

The fly screen will allow fresh air in while keeping out flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes. It is suitable for use on windows in the home or office with the window. helping to keep flies, wasps and mosquitoes at bay.

Types of Mesh Options


Blockffly MINIMAL is a type of Fly Mesh is a horizontal-movement pleated insect screen that comes in a per-assembled kit with a 4mm track at floor level.


Blockffly VERA is a type of Fly Mesh with pleated net that comes in a pre‐assembled kit for vertical opening. It takes up only 22 mm of space. This vertical Fly Mesh is more useful for openable or casement window openings.


Blockffly AMBRA is a type of Fly Mesh that cuts down on installation time. This Fly Mesh provides for a mosquito free environment and comfortable living.


Blockffly SMART is a type of Fly Mesh that offers a double movement that can cover up to 7.5 m2. This Fly Mesh is for doors and windows comes with a 4 mm or 8 mm track at floor level, and is available in all Blockffly screen profiles and net colors. A unique mosquito netting for all your homes.


Blockffly Grande is a type of Fly Mesh that specializes designed for doors and windows with larger widths. A unique mosquito netting covering large spans. This Fly Mesh for windows comes in various color options.

Types of Material


Blockffly mosquito net were specifically designed by the Designer Lucia Di Francesco to turn it into a furnishing item, in addition to an insect screen.

  • Mosquito free Premises
  • Air Ventilation
  • Save energy
  • Easy to use
  • Polyster material in pleated
  • 3.4 mtr height possibility


Is the ideal solution for the realization of large glass surfaces that increase the value of the architectural style of their location. Special wall attachments, prepared for the snap-on of the cover release, allow the total suspension and the insulation of doors and windows.

  • Clear Vision & SS Grade- 316
  • Air flow and circulation
    Energy saving
  • 60% UV blockage & Impact resistance
  • 2 mtr x 4mtr maximum size we can make.


Tuff Mesh – is the easiest and the ideal system to obtain large openings thanks to its excellent performances and provides a wider open space with the maximum exploitation of the interior and render furnishing easier.

  • Resistance to domestic Pets.
  • Strength warp -N/50mm 1080
  • Heat Resisitance – 35⁰C to +80⁰ C
  • Easy cleaning with water and soap.
  • Material – fiber glass & manufacture in italy