Benefits of Mosquito Mesh/Insect Screen for Windows

When you think of creating a protective environment in your house for your kids, insects must be one of your biggest worries. Especially after the rainy season, you may encounter a sudden increase in the number of lizards, mosquitos, flies etc. While they make your home look very unpleasant, they also pose the threat of bringing in many seasonal diseases they act as carriers for. So what choices does a homemaker have? You cannot stop opening your windows to let the fresh air in simply because you have a fear of insects.
Mosquito mesh for windows is an answer to all your prayers in such situations. Not only they block the way of any kind of unwanted creature in your home, they also give you the freedom of opening your windows whenever you need. Moreover, in today’s time, a mosquito mesh for windows comes in such variety and shapes that it can be seamlessly nitrated with the interiors of your home, without making it weird looking or out of lace. They also fit in to wooden windows, aluminium windows, UPVC windows and basically any kind of window frames available in the market.

Now that we know how easy it is to install an insect screen, what are the real benefits of getting it installed? Let us find out below.
Cool Breeze All the Time
If you are one of those people who love keeping their windows and doors open to let the fresh air in but cannot do so because of increased number of insects, mosquito mesh and screen doors are definitely for you. By keeping the door and windows shut, you are also blocking the way to fresh air and cool breeze. Which is extremely important for all your family members? Besides, blocking the airflow isn’t a great idea when you can keep insects away by simply installing screens over aluminium windows.
Safety from Diseases
The biggest threat these insects pose to your family is when they act as a carrier to a number of diseases. especially mosquitos are the ones you should steer clear from. Mosquitos are known to spread life-threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, and much more. especially during the rainy season, Screen door keeps seasonal bugs away from your home.

Why You Should Switch to UPVC Doors and Windows

Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride or UPVC has taken the world of windows and door manufacturing by storm and rightly so. Materials wrapped around galvanized steel make the structure much more sturdy and durable. It is also easy to play with multiple styles and designs, and the functionality of these structures is also second to none.

On such a window you can install a mosquito screen, a mesh and much more just like the regular windows. You can contact your nearest UPVC doors and windows manufacturers and get a quote from them on various designs and styles for your home. Here we will list the reasons why you should be choosing upvc over regular door and window material.

  1. The first thing which makes UPVC an excellent material for these structures is the kind of strength and sturdiness it provides. A durable material having galvanised steel in the core is second to none when it comes to sturdiness. One investment in UPVC can save you much more money in the long run since they are very durable.
  2. People who live in damp areas are well aware of the kind of toll the weather takes on your wooden windows and doors. UPVC doors and windows manufacturers will tell you how weatherproof these materials are, and they are known to hold their shape intact for years even in extreme weather conditions.
  3. You can easily install a mosquito screen and have all the functionality of a traditional window with this material. They do not need any special care or attention.
  4. UPVC windows and doors provide excellent insulation against noise. If you have our house on a bustling road or in a noisy neighborhood, these doors will prove to be godsend for you.
  5. They are easier to handle, fix and install than their wooden counterparts. The strength and sturdiness do not come at the cost of weight. They are as light as a material of this strength could get.
  6. They require very little maintenance
  7. They also have anti-crowbar properties, which means it will be a lot harder for an intruder to make his/her way in by forcing open the door or the window.