Wood Color Options -

Color Option

The colored coating contains particular pigments which, seeping through the wood, avoids its alteration caused by the UV rays so preventing from any contamination of fungi and bacteria.

The intermediate coat stabilizes the wood fibers in order to limit the micro-variations of the window dimensions caused by the variability of the weather conditions. The application of the external and of the intermediate coat is carried out in a flow-coating systems, which assures the complete and accurate painting of the window in all its parts.

The hand sanding of all the windows makes the surface extremely regular without any roughness, so velvety to enhance the beauty of the window. The finish, carried out in electrostatic equipments with a controlled atmosphere, grants the right quantity of painting on the window in order to assure a perfect covering and protection of the wood so exalting, in the same time, the beauty of the material.

De Carlo SPA, after an exclusive and successful experimentation, is the first company to use a particular water paint, which is the result of a process based on nanotechnology, for the finishing cycles.

Thanks to this new technology, the covering particles are 1000 times smaller than those of the traditional water paints.

The optimization of these chemical-physical characteristics of paint assures a better adhesion of the paint to the roughness of the wood. All this grants a longer life and an excellent preservation of the esthetic features of the product.

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