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Windows | Beautex

Beautex Aluminium, uPVC and Wood Windows

A completely new Slimline windows system by Beautex has been elaborated aiming to meet the highest standards of elegance, comfort, performance and reasonable prices. The Slimframe window system offers the excellent Uw values with double and triple glazing which meet the demands of the most critical environments, with high-quality multi-locking point system offering the best possible burglar resistance in accordance with European standards.

Aluminium windows

Beautex Slim frame Aluminium windows can be fully integrated into the wall, ceiling, and floor, which result in a completely invisible frame and increased vision to the outside environment. Slimline windows with Maximized Visibility & Minimized Frame with nearly non-existent frames is a product with great versatility which is suitable for every environment, bringing surrounding beauty clearly into focus.


An excellent quality mosquito screen, is a Joint venture between Beautex and DFM. A pleated insect screen, of Italian make, is designed by designer Lucia Di Francesco specialized in the production of pleated screens.