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Why Should You Use Thermally Treated Wood for Your Deck

Garden decking is a great idea when you want to have an outdoor space or seating which can be used for multiple purposes. Wooden deck looks extremely well suited for gardens given its natural look and also the aesthetics of a wooden deck is to die for.
However, when it comes to wooden decking, a lot of options are available for people to choose from. There are various kinds of timber suggested for the purpose, but thermowood decking is something that truly steals the show. Weathertex features all the solutions for your dream deck in your backyard.
Thermowood Decking, or deck made of thermally treated wood often have many advantages over other timber and other materials like PVC. Some of the benefits of using thermally treated wood for decking are:
1.Resistant and Stable
Heat treated wood is approximately 50 percent more stable than the regular wood because the fungi and other bacteria cannot develop in this kind of timber. Due to customized heat treatment, moisture and nutrients in the wood disappear thus, making it difficult for the fungi to grow and rot the wood.
Besides, decking wood material should be weather resistant and heat-treated wood, due to their chemical composition, are more resistant to bad weather than regular wood.
2.Insulation Capabilities
Regular wood cannot provide insulation as good as the heat-treated wood which is a very important and desirable quality when people look for wooden material especially for decking.
3.Eco-friendly material
Probably the most important quality of heat treated wood. T this age, everyone should do their bit for the environment and what better place to start than your own home? Unlike other decking materials, heat treated wood is an eco-friendly material. At weathertex, you can find timber solutions that are just as eco friendly as they are stylish.
4.Better Life Span
Due to the heat treatment, these woods stay on for longer period and serve as a beautiful deck for far longer than the ordinary wood. They also look extremely seamless in your garden due to their natural aesthetics.

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