Why buying cheap windows can cost you more in the long run? -

Why buying cheap windows can cost you more in the long run?


Low quality windows are easily available in the market with lowest cost possible. However the options you get are quiet limited. You can get these windows at your desired price, although these low quality low price windows won’t last longer. They last half or even less than the life expectancy of a higher quality grade window also known as System Windows. These windows come with an integrated system of highest quality alloy for profiles, best hardware and features that cannot be found in a local system. The life span of system windows is easily around 15-20 years. Unfortunately, these low grade windows are poorly constructed with no technical aspects taken into consideration, since they are mass produced and it’s hard to have quality control over how many they produce.

System Windows with a long life span won’t need as much maintenance and it is a right choice to make while designing your dream home. High quality windows like Ponzio Aluminium System windows from Italy are not only custom made for each opening of your home, but come with exclusive 600 Finishes, best quality hardware technical features that will keep your windows effectively functional for a longer period of time, characterizing the external and internal look of a house or building.

Ponzio believes in innovation and specialisation. Having been first in Italy to perform anodic oxidation, it demonstrates its commitment to high standards of production processes, guaranteeing the quality of finished product. Having said this, it becomes a maintenance free subject and does not call for services every two months as compared to local product.

Yes, system windows can be little expensive at first, but If you do the math on how long they last vs. cost, a lower grade window will end up costing much more in the long run, not to mention the repeated service calls and stress you’ll have to face.