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Are inexpensive and available in a number of attractive designs in highly durable colored finishes. You should never have to refinish them. They eliminate that endless chore of cleaning and refinishing

Reinforced by an added layer of Extra Tough Glass, it is 5 times stronger than conventional glass materials and provides greater assurance and enhanced security


It is a revolutionary concept, a world – class technology, an innovative and state-of-the-art system especially designed for all conditions. A system with multiple options to choose from to suit every architects & clients delight. This high value system provides options for different glass thicknesses to choose from. We feature special qualities such as certifications for Class 2 wind resistance.


Intrigued in the elegant harmony of modern traditionalism, patch railings are engrossed with the desired versatility of form, approach, sophistication, finishes and an overall an enduring delight. From its sleek patch fittings which enables the realization in toughened glass for almost any conceivable design, that make a statement on their own, keeping the sustainability quotient intact.


Glass railings provides a structurally stable seamless interface between the outdoors and the indoors. The seamless railing design philosophy is simple – a robust glass balcony railing system that provides a clear transparent unlimited view – without any vertical balustrades. The seamless glass railing models have a heavy-duty aluminium base that is anchored onto the floor. The frameless glass is held firmly within the base to create a free-standing glass railing that is structurally stable and provides uninterrupted view.
Seamless glass railings can be fixed to the base floor in many ways – surface-mounted (on floor), side-mounted and recessed. This gives unlimited flexibility in designing.


The Spigot Railing System features large glass panels held in place with modern, stylish stainless steel clamps. Spigot offers a base fixed solution with your choice of square or round clamps. This system boasts customisations for the glass panels and clamps as well as the option to add a top handrail. The Spigot Balustrade System is the perfect solution for both commercial and domestic projects. Whether you’re using it to cordon off a swimming pool or add safety to your balcony, the versatility of this balustrade system meets a wide range of needs.

Installing an outdoor railing on the steps of your home or business does not need to be complicated or expensive. Railings Systems are designed for maximum installation flexibility.