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Thermo Wood Pine Decking & Flooring

Thermo Wood is the Term for a heat treatment process that timber goes through to improve the durability and stability of the boards, making it an ideal timber for outdoor use. 100% natural. The thermo pine wood is free from resin and chemicals. No chemicals are used during the production process. Thanks to their improved durability against decay, the products are well suited to applications involving demanding weather conditions.

Dimensions: 20 x 120mm
Surface: Smooth/ Grooved
Technical: Tests carried out according to EN113 and EBV European regulations have demonstrated that the heat conductivity of A.Barbosa thermo pine Wood is reduced by 20-25% compared with untreated wood. Thermo pine Wood is produced by heat treating Finish grown pine and spruce to temperatures more than 200 degrees centigrade. During the heat treatment, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber which alter and improve some of its basic characteristics.

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