Skydeck- A Durable Deck With Brazilian Garapa Wood: -

Skydeck- A Durable Deck With Brazilian Garapa Wood:

Project Skydeck (Railing, Decking, Balcony and Terrace.)
Location Ahmedabad
Products Brazilian Garapa an exotic hardwood

The Skydeck project is one of Ahmedabad’s exceptional architectural creations that Beautex is proud to be associated with. The Brazilian Ash or Garapa wood provided by Beautex to Saanvi Nirmaan for project Skydeck assures furnishing with a finesse. Original Brazilian solid Garapa decking planks have been used in railing and decking the balcony and the terrace.

Brazilian Garapa is an exotic hardwood. How does it ensure that your wooden decking planks survive beyond thirty years?

The wood takes on a light silvery gray tone as it weathers naturally. So there is no need to apply annual sealers. A Garapa deck is not only resistant to rot, splinters and scratches but also fire–that too naturally without undergoing chemical treatments! All these properties make Garapa perfect for exterior decking, enabling you to enjoy long lasting smoothness and beauty. The Garapa wooden decking that Beautex offers is harvested responsibly through sustainable forest management. This makes your choice viable to prevailing legal standards of procuring wood.

Garapa decking is really the best budget option when it comes to hardwood decking. Ipe Decking is the standard for toughness but the golden colour of Garapa Decking is becoming popular in modern architecture.

Beautex can beautify your project with Garapa decking, providing expert recommendations on installation and maintenance. Garapa decking enhances the taste of living at Skydeck. It can do wonders to your architectural plans too!