Nature's Way To A Protected Home - Weathertex -

Nature's Way To A Protected Home - Weathertex

Architect Amar Patil
Project Personal Villa
Location Kalyan, Navi Mumbai
Products Weathertex Selflock V-Groove 150 WoodsmanExterior Boards Woodsman (CNC Customized)

The personal villa project at Kalyan for our client Ashok Gangwani is a perfect example for sustainable living. Designed by Architect Amar Patil, the project uses Weathertex Selflock V-Groove 150 Woodsman & Exterior Boards Woodsman (CNC Customized).

Based in Kalyan, the area is popularly known as the upcoming region of modern life. However, geographically lying to the east of the Ulhas river, the area is often badly hit due to climatic changes and has seen many heavy showers over the years. Owing to the modernization and climatic conditions, the houses in this area are required to be both good looking and reliable in nature.

The Weathertex Selflok V-Groove is part of the natural range of Weathertex products which has unprimed boards. The timber used is raw and undressed giving it a natural and a woodgrain effect. This adds to the look factor with the imperfections of timber and protects the building from the unforeseen showers at the same time.

With approximately 500 M2 used in the project with a long-time warranty, the V-Groove materials do not rot, split or crack and provide protection in style. Apart from the showers, the materials can also withstand long durations of sun exposure and weather naturally. Timber is also known for its insulation properties thus reducing energy consumption and making the building more eco-friendly and sustainable in nature.

"Elegance, purpose and efficiency are the three main reasons why Weathertex was always my first choice" Ar. Amar Patil