Jaipur Bungalow -

Jaipur Bungalow: When Royalty is Real

Project: Jaipur Bungalow
Location: Jaipur
Architect: Shantanu Garg
Products: Ponzio Aluminium Windows

Jaipur is a city of looming architectural grandeur, marked by the beautiful haveli-style royal craftsmanship of buildings. The Jaipur Bungalow is one of the signature structures in the Pink city of Jaipur. It invites you to living the luxurious and grand life, taking you back to the time of kings…yet with a modern twist- Ponzio Aluminium Sliding /windows.

Beautex is proud to be associated with a project of such high stature. Having a refined understanding of modern art design and fusing it with tradition, architect Shantanu Garg has created a masterpiece with the aid of Ponzio Aluminium Windows. Shantanu Garg emphasizes on cultivating lifestyles in his design applications and this is what makes his artistic sense holistic as compared to others.

Ponzio Sliding windows is an Italian system for sliding windows & doors. Such horizontal sliding windows allow non - intrusive openings onto decks and walkways, encouraging indoor-outdoor communication between guests, hosts and family members. With more than 600 shades available in Ponzio, the most suitable and the most accurate shade of window has been selected for the design of this project, with the superior design intervention by Beautex and Mr. Garg.

Mr. Garg says
“Ponzio Aluminium Windows from Italy have done full justice to the project by perfectly blending in with the aesthetic design of the house.”