Open Your Windows to a Healthier Life This Winter -

Open your windows to a healthier life this winter

In contemporary times we almost compulsorily spend more than half of our days in enclosed spaces- whether be it in the office, the coffee shop or our very homes.If an AC is constantly cooling your space, the house is a heat magnet inviting more heat, which the AC then has to remove, over and over again.In the fresh winter air outside, we can breathe more freely and develop a tolerance for natural heat that is essential.

Doors and windows are your only points of opening up and closing yourself to the world. The number of times you open and close your doors and windows can thus have an impact on both your physical and your social health.According to research insights, due to air conditioning our homes, culturally, “there’s been an impact on neighborhoods and communities, resulting in much less outdoor social interaction.”

Do you live in a house having closed windows always? The poor air circulation in air-conditioned roomscause various allergic problems. The trapped dust and poor air quality in A.C rooms enable an easier communicability of diseases. It makes the skin dry and scaly.Air conditioners also emit harmful chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere, fostering ozone layer depletion that in turn will lead all of us to impending doom- heavy exposure to harmful UV radiation increasing our risks in developing cataracts and skin cancer.

Is this worth the high priced electricity bill at the end of the month, especially in winter when the weather outside is cool and pleasant? Your bills can be reduced considerably and energy can also be conserved if you let the air in. Do you come back from your office to an air conditioned home, just to keep out the mosquitoes and flies? A radical writer had once said, “Throw away the mirrors and look outside the windows.” Shutting out life from your homes mayn’t be the healthiest and the most economical solution of keeping out the insects.This year, enjoy the winter sun and let the light morning breeze flow in through your windows…without any discomfort. You must be thinking of any easily available, generic mosquito net for enjoying the cool winter breeze without letting in the insects. However did you know of one such protective screen that ensures maximum openness and flexibilty, given its convenient and well designed dimensions? Know what complements your windows best.

Install Blockffly Mosquito Mesh- A superior Italian system of mosquito screens and fly meshes that serve as a protective screen as well as a furnishing item. It is a pleated net system which ensures almost 100% opening. The net comes in various colors, keeping in mind the design and aesthetics of your home. It is designed in a way that it gives a complete view and provides full ventilation, without the need to switch on your A.C’s. Blockffly is extremely easy to clean and maintain. A regular water wash or vacuum cleaning in five minutes and you are done! This Italian mosquito mesh system promises the best quality and helps in maintaining a mosquito free environment.