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Fly Mesh


The clean and beautiful lines for BlockfFltmosquito net were specifically designed by the Designer Lucia Di Francesco to turn Blockffly MINIMAL mosquito mesh into a furnishing item, in addition to an insect screen. A unique mosquito netting with minimal design.


Blockffly, an Italian mosquito net – AMBRA has all the features of the MINIMAL mosquito screen, including a pre‐assembled kit that truly cuts down on installation time. This mosquito mesh provides for a mosquito free environment and comfortable living.


Blockffly SMART mosquito screen offers a double movement that can cover up to 7.5 m2! This mosquito net for doors and windows comes with a 4 mm or 8 mm track at floor level, and is available in all Blockffly fly screen profiles and net colors. A unique mosquito netting for your home


Grande, presented by Blockffly mosquito net, is a specialized mosquito screen designed as a specialized mosquito net for doors and windows with larger widths. A unique mosquito netting covering large spans. This mosquito mesh for windows comes in various color options.


VERA is a mosquito net with pleated net that comes in a pre‐assembled kit for vertical opening. The Blockffly fly screen system – Vera, ensures continuous operation in time, taking up only 22 mm of space. This vertical mosquito mesh is more useful for openable/casement window openings. Vera mosquito mesh for windows is the most convenient to use concept in mosquito nets for windows

Color Options

Blockffly mosquito nets for windows offer a wide range of colors in both Net and Frame to let you choose the right shade matching your windows. This mosquito mesh for windows not only keeps mosquitoes away but also gives an aesthetic look to the house with its varied color options. It is one of the best mosquito nets for windows