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Louvers & Joists

A.Barbosa is aware that sustainability is directly related to economical and material development without harming the environment, using natural resources wisely so that they could be preserved in the future. Thus, it invests in the exploitation of vegetal resources of forests and woodlands in a controlled way, using FSC or PEFC wood, separating solid waste and reusing the leftovers of raw materials. This way, it manages to decrease its waste and at the same time ensure the development of low-energy products. A.Barbosa presents itself as a company with a strong position on the market, more conscious and environmentally friendlier.

Dimensions: 40 x 20mm , 40 x 60mm, 46 x 68mm*
Technical: A.Barbosa Louvers & Joists are a perfect choice for multiple applications as sun shades, privacy screens or louvers. Made of Select Grade* of Thermally Modified Pine/ Ash, they are 100% Natural Wood produced through Heat & Steam Process for a Sustainable Product.

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