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Laminate Wood Flooring

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The Parador Basic laminate flooring range stands for discerning styles of furnishing, the wide choice of decors includes a wide variety of looks and qualities. These make Parador Basic laminate flooring a universal laminate range, which takes the highest design of laminated wood requirements into accounts.


Parador Classic laminate flooring offers wood decors in near perfect imitation of nature. Due to their timeless and exquisite elegance, the laminate wood flooring, in this collection harmonize with both classic and modern furnishing styles.


Parador Trendtime laminate flooring interprets contemporary trends. The laminated wood spectrum ranges from authentic imitations of fine timber through to unusual graphic motifs. The ideal basis for a design-oriented furnishing style.


With twelve top designers, Parador laminate wood flooring Edition brings individual laminated wood flooring design to an impressive level: floors in ultimate color brilliance.

Eco Balance

With Parador laminate wood flooring Eco Balance products, Parador offers laminate floors that set standards in terms of ecology and sustainability from the logistics side to how materials are processed.