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Internal Partition Features

The very first aspect to consider whenever you need to get the Internal Partitions for your home is the ease of installation. It is significantly effortless to install without any mess.

The Internal Partitions are built precisely, keeping the safety aspect in mind. They are heat and fire-resistant. Thus provides total safety to your home.

The beauty of the Internal Partitions lies in its architectural aesthetic. Beautex has created partitions with stunning decor and aspects that will uplift the beauty of your home.

Single Slider

  • This type of Internal Partition has a single glass frame that slides over the arena.
  • They possess that sleek look which silently gets immersed into the decor of the house. They are simply exquisite.

Slider to Wall

 This type of Internal Partition is joined along the wall from one or both sides. It will create a sense of privacy that can be achieved easily just by a smooth slide. They also don’t require any additional fitting.

Enclosing Slider

 This type of partition comes with a series of glass slider which is made to enclose a complete area with an effortless and easy operation. It gives a very elegant look when closed.

Double slider

This type of Internal partition is very common in the trend. It has two glass sliders from each side which come together to enclose the decor with a super glide. It ensures privacy as well as excellent acoustics.ey shatter into small pieces.

These Internal Partitions provide excellent acoustic and acoustic insulation characteristics due to thick glass. So turn your home into a peaceful and soothing arena!

It is the key feature of the Internal Partitions. Every inch of the partition is made to provide that missing privacy in your home with luxury and perfection.