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Published on: Flooring

Hustling to maintain your wood floors? Follow the steps below:

DO clean spills with cloth paper towels or napkins.
DON’T use oil base soaps to clean your flooring.
DO consult with an installer, finisher, or manufacturer if you have any doubt of the kind of floor finish.
DON’T assume the kind of finish due to the aftermath of wrong solutions to be used.
DO use floor mats at your door entrances, exterior and interior to help prevent the tracking of sand, grit, and dirt.
DON’T move heavy furniture without protecting your wooden flooring.
DO use a vacuum cleaner, soft brush, microfiber dust mop, or soft brush broom to clean your floors.
DON’T clean your flooring with a wet mop. This can ruin your finish, damage your wood, and leave discoloring residue.
When investing in a new floor, many homeowners are faced with a choice between different kind of wooden flooring. We at Beautex, provide a variety of Wooden flooring like PARADOR Laminate Wood flooring, & Engineered wood flooring & Natural Deck wood flooring.

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