Frequently Asked Questions


1Does BEAUTEX provide an annual maintenance service?
Beautex Products are warranted for up to 25 years, against any manufacturing defects. While most of our products are maintenance free, an occasional refreshing/ maintenance service could be requested. Our clients can always request for a 1st year Maintenance Free period or tie-up for a maintenance contract over the years to come or when needed.
2How long does it take to resolve a complaint?
Beautex understands that service is what makes it a trusted brand for over 5 decades. Keeping in mind our customer needs, we try our best to resolve a complaint within 48 - 72 hours (working days) depending upon the nature of the complaint.
3Once the order is placed how much time does it take to deliver?
The delivery time depends on the product. For UPVC it takes 1 - 4 weeks whereas for aluminum it can take 8 - 12 weeks.
4Can the shipment be air lifted? What are the expenses involved?
Yes, it can be airlifted; expenses depend on various terms and conditions.
5Whom do you contact for after sales service?
BEAUTEX is always there to answer any queries and cater to services, post-purchase. We have a ‘Happy to help’ contact number where you can call for any query.
6What are the projects that Beautex has been associated with?

Beautex is proud to be associated with esteemed projects pan India. To name few

1. Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital - Pune
2. Kool Homes Project - Pune
3. Manav Group - Pune
4. Della Enclave - Lonavla
5. Global Hospital - Pune
6. Bawa Hotel - Mumbai
7. Metro Shoes Head Office - Mumbai
8. Golf Club - Mumbai
9. Dukes Retreat Hotel – Lonavla
10. Hotel Capitol – Mumbai
11. Deepak Murjani Residential Building – Mumbai
12. Benningan Hotels – Mumbai
13. Manik Takhtani Residential Building – Mumbai
14. Monna Hotels – Pune
15. Hilton Bungalows
16. Eskay Resort – Mumbai
17. Avinash Jasnani Residential Building – Mumbai
18. Speciality Restaurants – Bangalore
19. IB Group – Raipur
20. Manali Resort – Delhi
21. Vianar Construction Santa Terra Project – Goa
22. Devi Construction – Pune
23. Ashok Gangawani Building – Mumbai
24. Hyde Park Project - Pune
25. Apco Infra Project - Lucknow
26. AWE Project – Goa
27. Metro Shoes Head Office - Mumbai

Doors & Windows

1How long does the warranty for Aluminium windows last?
You can be assured of a warranty of 15 years on the profile and 1 year on the hardware.
2Which is a better option for windows - UPVC or Aluminum?

Window selection is subject to requirement. Both UPVC & Aluminium have their salient features.

If one is looking for soundproofing, UPVC is the best option. Aluminium, on the other hand, is better for Thermal insulation and is easy on maintenance.

3Do you provide after sale service for Aluminum windows?

The Beautex team assures you of the cleaning and servicing of windows, after sale. All our products undergo a quality check prior to leaving the factory, with continuous checks at every step till the time the windows are completely installed.

Post installation, customers are requested to give immediate feedback without which our team does not leave the premise. This is to ensure that all our work is completed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We also do a Pre-Monsoon check of windows to ensure that your home is monsoon ready.

4What is unique about Ponzio windows?

Ponzio Aluminium Windows, the latest product offering from Beautex, is where beauty and engineering blend together seamlessly. Available in various designs, great finishes and vivid color schemes, Ponzio has been the market leader in treated aluminium in Italy for more than 70 years. The company’s ever-growing expertise has led to the design and production of high-quality casement and sliding window systems catering to customers having a passion for innovative and tailored solutions.

Ponzio Windows ensure the performance of thermal and acoustic insulation as well as good air tightness, water and wind resistence.

5What kind of windows should we put up in areas of high wind pressure?
Ponzio is specially designed to sustain high wind pressure. With the application of the same, the pressure can be controlled and the rattling sound of glass be avoided.
6Are the windows completely finished by Ponzio?
Yes; Ponzio is a 100% Italian Product.
7How many days does it take for the installation of windows?
It’s a plug and play system; we can install 10 -12 windows in a single day.
8How can BEAUTEX help me choose the right window design?
At Beautex we have a highly skilled team who understand spaces very well. This, clubbed with their years of experience, assures you spatial expertise that will help you choose the right product.
9Does yellow patches appear in the UPVC windows after exposing it to sunlight for a long period?
We add a special stabilizer to the UPVC material while manufacturing. This stabilizer protects your windows from yellowing despite prolonged exposure to sunlight.
10Are your windows sound proof?
We provide a variety of glass thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 40mm. This makes it suitable for sound proofing in the range of 10dB to 48dB.
11Do the wooden windows have termite problems?
The sugar content of the wood is removed when refining it before the manufacturing process of the wooden frame. This makes it termite resistant. The wood is thermally treated and processed in a fashion to suit extreme weather conditions.
12What is the warranty period of the windows you offer?
We have a 15 years warranty for both the UPVC and Aluminium windows. Any service required is provided within 72 hours.
13How do I get a damaged window part changed? Do you keep stock spare parts?

In case of in-stock items -

We can deliver hardware in 48 hours, aluminium and wood in 8 weeks and UPVC and glass in just a week’s time.

Flooring & Cladding

1Why should I purchase Parador flooring?
The Parador portfolio has around 2,000 products made in Germany, having a 25-year warranty. The broad level of expertise is shown in the wide product range, from decors in stone finishes to fine textile materials and classic wood floors. The added value of our floors not only lies in the range of choice, the sustainable production, and the excellent design but also in the intelligent functionality of our products. Click connections enable the floors to be easily installed while processing and finishing techniques create resistance and durability at the highest level.
2Why should I purchase Weathertex products?
Australian owned and manufactured with a carbon footprint better than zero, Weathertex‘s external timber cladding is the ideal solution for any builder, architect or designer in search of environmentally conscious high-quality material. All Weathertex products are made in Australia from PEFC certified state forest or private hardwoods without any chemical additives. Weathertex Weatherboards are guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for 25 years.
3How does Weathertex ensure colour warranty?

Weathertex can be naturally oiled or painted to a color of your choice. The typical recoating of a Weathertex Board depends on the Ultraviolet Exposure it gets. For eg., an East facing house may need re-oiling after 4 - 5 years while a west facing house may need a recoat in 18 months. However, we recommend letting the intergrain stains be to maintain the natural look of the product without having to recoat for years.

Beautex provides you with a special Aquadeck oil that comes from Australia.

4What is the difference between Fundermax & Weathertex?

Weathertex is a Reconstituted (Natural) Timber Cladding while HPL is made of resin-impregnated cellulose layers (paper) which are consolidated under heat and high pressure.

When you look at Weathertex what you see is Natural Timber, while HPL is Decorative paper, which defines the design and is composed of colored or printed paper.

Due to the huge price variety of HPL that is available off the markets (INR 100 to 1000 per sq. ft.) it’s very difficult to actually be sure of what you’re being offered & it’s performance.


1Is Blockffly difficult to maintain?

Blockffly is very easy to maintain. A regular water wash or vacuum clean is sufficient. In a few simple steps you can clean your own Blockffly mosquito nets:

Take the vaporella or the vacuum cleaner

Go from top to bottom and vice versa

Final results? Your pleated mosquito net is clean, clear and shiny!

2Is Blockffly washable?

Yes, Blockffly is made of polyster; with nylon strips which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The advantage of our polyester plated mosquito net is that it can be washed like any other fabric. Our certifications obtained under the Chamber of Commerce tests guarantees this.