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Engineered Wood Flooring



All Parador Basic engineered wood flooring feature the fundamental properties of real wood. With their sturdy finishing, the different looks and selected timbers, these engineered wood flooring are a good choice for individual furnishing from the outset.


The Parador Classic collection stands for timeless elegance and demonstrates that even classics can always be reinterpreted. With their natural beauty, regardless of fashion, the engineered wood flooring from this collection offer a long-term, stable basis for exclusive furnishing in harmony with various styles, from classic to modern.


With its broad spectrum, Parador Trendtime line is aimed at demanding customers who value modern flooring design. In this respect, Trendtime engineered wood flooring combine perfect quality with fashion-conscious colors, different formats and patterns, and unusual finishes.


Edition by Parador stands for excellent furnishing that creates value in a freely stylistic and unusual manner. Created by top, reputable designers, this collection offers an exclusive selection of inimitable real wood floors – for individuality at the highest level.

Eco Balance

Parador Eco Balance brings ecology and style into perfect harmony and takes account of our growing responsibility towards the environment. Sustainable production methods and a particularly conservational approach to wood as a natural material is proof of our claim to produce environmentally sustainable and natural floors.