Bringing Nature Indoors -

Bringing Nature Indoors

Engineered Wooden Flooring and why you should go for it!

Hardwood floors have always been known over the years for being a feature of class and richness. Over the years, hardwood floors went from being a symbol of elegance to being a statement of interiors. But there is a lot more to these floors than just the richness around it.

While many may think that the cost is sure to drill a hole in their pockets, it is quite the contrary. Hardwood floors are more economical in nature than any other flooring option. How you may ask? It is long lasting. These flooring options are easy to install, easier to clean and are durable in nature. While other tiles witness cracks and chips, wooden floors only look better when damaged giving it a battered but rich look. Excess damage too can be fixed by mere sanding and staining or can be easily replaced.

However, while the benefits of having hardwood floors are plenty, they are not suitable to all floor or room types. There is also always a risk of avoiding excess moisture, to prevent rotting and ensure a long-lasting life. This is exactly where innovation comes into the picture, and brings to us Engineered Hardwood, by Beautex.

Engineered flooring options hold the exact same properties as Hardwood flooring, but only better, and solve the most crucial drawbacks. Engineered wood is real wood, built in layers and bonded together. The uppermost layer holds all the natural characteristics of a hardwood floor, while the core is made of multi layered wood, arranged in cross-section, making it stronger in nature and more sustainable. It also allows us to use Engineered flooring in all types of rooms and houses, at half the price as compared to good quality solid hardwood flooring.

These floors being neutral in nature, match the interiors of any house, no matter what its style. If you ever get bored with how your furniture looks and want to switch it up a bit, you don’t have to worry about them not coordinating with the tiles. Beautex floorings come in a plethora of options, each with its own added benefits.

An added and most important benefit of bringing nature indoors is that the regulatory property of wood improves the air quality. Engineered wood is also low on emissions and allergens, helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The insulation property of wood helps to maintain a thermal balance, reduce the strain on your electrical appliances such as air-conditioners and reduce the dependency on energy. Wood is also an excellent sound absorber and serves multiple purposes due to this property.

With Beautex Laminates, Engineered and Deckwood, make your homes elegant and rich, both in look and purpose. Check it out today at Is there any more reason to not adopt this change?