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Aluwood Features

U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – measure Aluwood effectiveness in insulating and blocking heat from the sun, among other things.

Tempered or toughened glass is one of the most standard forms of safety glass available. Its qualities make the material a strong and secure building feature capable of forming anything.

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Al.Wood 85 TT

  • Thermal transmittance = Uw 1.89 W/m²k
  • sound proof = 40DB
  • Air Permeabilty = Class 4A
  • Wood = Ramin/Oak/Cherry tree
  • Wind Load = 2.0 Kpa

Al.Wood 93 TT

  • Thermal transmittance = Uw 1,30 W/m²k
  • sound proof = 42DB
  • Air Permeabilty = Class 4
  • Wood = ramin, oak or cherry-tree duramen wood.
  • Wind Load = 2.0 Kpa


The need to restrict sound arriving from the external environment means that Facades should be able to shield and insulate the internal spaces of a building.