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5 Great Exterior Wood Cladding Ideas For Your Home

5 Great Exterior Wood Cladding Ideas for Your Home

Looking to add exterior cladding to your home? There are some great exterior wood cladding ideas that will a versatile look to your house. Cladding is nothing but the skin of your house. It’s the outer layer that not only helps to insulate but keeps it protected against the elements of nature. Overall, it improves the appearance of your home.
Here are 5 unique exterior cladding ideas that will encourage to build your dream house.

  1. Contemporary Vertical Cladding – It’s true that unrefined contemporary exteriors are gaining tremendous popularity. The combination of natural wood cladding, glass, and stunning exterior facade. So, the installation of architectural timber or wood wall cladding is carried out in a vertical manner, which reminds of a board-and-batten installation.
  2. Natural Wood Cladding – It has been several years since the emphasis for the exterior of a home was what colour shall be painted to the siding. Trends keep changing. So, homeowners nowadays are giving importance to a natural appearance for their home’s exterior.
  3. Changing Angles – Thinking that your exterior wood wall cladding can go only way? You’re slightly mistaken here. The building features nothing but the same natural wood cladding. However, they are in two different installations. What you get is an attractive dimension for the building that makes it seem as if it’s been constructed out of blocks.
  4. Perfectly Weathered Wood – No doubt trends have taken a U-turn. They have been moving away from gleaming, bright designs that seem to appear new. Rather than these designs, natural, weathered and lived in appearances are becoming popular. And this does consist of the exterior wood cladding of a home.
  5. Rustic Appeal – When you visualize a cabin in the woods, of course, you are likely to imagine something with natural, rustic appeal. And that’s what makes a home seem so stunning in timber cladding, it makes you feel that you are inside cabin in the woods irrespective of its location.

Wood cladding charmingly adds grace hotels, restaurants, bungalows, bars and farmhouses. In fact, it will spoil you for choice as it’s available in a wide range of designs and finished as well.

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