3 Reasons To Keep Your Windows Open This Rainy Season -

3 Reasons To Keep Your Windows Open This Rainy Season

Hear the rain fall? Drag yourself out of bed, put on your coziest slippers and open your window. Never worry about those insects again. Here are 3 things Blockffly will help you experience about the rains, all while sitting at your window still.

The Smell

Remember that fresh, sweet and earthly smell that marks the onset of monsoons? Awaken your senses with the natural smell of the wet soil. Nobody needs those aerosols anymore.


If there’s one thing that the rains leave behind, it is the fresh blanket of green. Right from washing off the dirt from the leaves to the cool breeze caused by the swaying, the greenery is something that is hard to miss.


Sip a hot cup of tea along with your favorite biscuit and watch the rainwater flow. As you sit by the window and stare out, your everyday activity will now become enjoyable.
This monsoon, installing your very own Blockffly fly mesh will ensure all of the above and even more. This mesh is specially designed for doors and windows using a world class Italian technology. Available in different versions of Minimal, Ambra, Smart, Grande and Vera, Blockffly comes with a preassembled kit making it easy to install, easy to remove and easy to clean making it an added convenience. Blockffly is available in different colors and variations as per your suited desire. Check out the Beautex Blockffly Fly Mesh today on http://www.blockffly.com/. You can also drop in an enquiry at http://beautex.in/contactus.html. Open yourself to the rains. Open your window to happiness.