10 Ways To Make Your Home And Family Monsoon Ready This Year. -

10 Ways To Make Your Home And Family Monsoon Ready This Year.

Awaiting the rains, but dreading the storm? Beat the unexpected cons that fly in with the rains.

Prevention is better than cure.

Puffed up walls, leakage, moisture, we are no stranger to the sickly damp and humid feeling we experience each monsoon. Isn’t home supposed to be the cozy hideout? Instead of sticking yourself under a blanket this year, water proof your roof and walls. Try keeping your house warm to avoid moisture on furniture’s. Timber is known to provide the exact warmth and comfort you seek for family time. Look up cladding, it won’t hurt.

In with the pets, out with the pests.

Whether you’re a dog or a cat lover, pets are a part of our family. However, it’s these family members that are most susceptible to attracting insects. While repellants on pets maybe a good option to you, it is more harmful than helpful. Bring them indoors. With convenience being every man’s motive, it has become easier to even install a mosquito mesh on your windows today.

6 o’clock is when the mosquitoes fly in. Shut the windows.

Good job. You have managed to suffocate everyone. Mosquitoes don’t wear watches. Protect your home all day with natural repellants. The fragrance of mint or lavender that we love so much, is loathed by mosquitoes. Keep the mists handy and spray them around the house from time to time.


Mosquitoes love a good swim. However, they are not the ones causing diseases. They are merely a transporter of the disease causing bacteria. Clean your drainages to avoid clogging. If the soil outside your house sucks in a lot of water, it will most certainly cause water logging. Treat these puddles to avoid the growth of larvae and breeding of mosquitoes.

What’s that awful smell?

Don’t worry, I won’t blame you. I blame bacteria. Personal odour occurs when your body sweat comes in contact with the bacteria which then attracts various insects and illness. Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Apply it on any exposed parts of your skin to keep the smell and pests at bay. After all it’s your family you need around, not flees.