Why has Beautex been trusted by architects since 1963? -

Why has Beautex been trusted by architects since 1963?

What does the Beautex experience assure you of?

Let’s look at 6 reasons why architects have been turning to Beautex’s unparalleled expertise for over five decades now!

A Legacy that Inspires

Beautex has been helping craft commercial and residential spaces since 1963. Earning goodwill and trust along the road, they have gathered the impetus and enthusiasm of the industry professionals and clients alike. They aim to work in partnership with companies and craftsmen of notable repute, furthering their business on the rich legacy of being ‘trusted by architects since 1963.

Curated Premium Products

What is Beautex? A propagator of mass manufacture? No. Beautex is a quality curator of premium global brands in doors and windows, flooring and cladding. This is a niche category, making it possible to live luxury to the fullest. Quality and design competence have characterized the Beautex product world for many years and will be a reliable foundation for the future.

Not just vendors but also manufacturers

Beautex is a family owned business which develops the future with an entrepreneurial spirit. Curating as well as manufacturing premium products, they add value in quality and design. At Beautex’s state of the art factory, a 100% automated plant that’s spread over 2,00,000 sq. ft., more than 100 skilled craftsmen are working towards achieving the highest standards for modern urban architecture. Together, they have installed over half a million windows. Their credibility is vouched for by an ISO 9001 certification.

Extending Spatial Expertise

Beautex understands spaces well. This is because they have the perspective of both the curator and the craftsman. Urban spatial design is their stronghold. Whether it’s the stately grey of the Acacia wood plank or the dark chocolate brown hue of the Walnut wood which will go with the aesthetics of your home, Beautex is there to extend its spatial expertise.

Social Responsibility

Beautex is very selective of its global partners and the products they sell. Aware of important corporate & social responsibilities, all their wood products come from sustainably managed forests under the stringent guidelines of the Forest-Stewardship-Council. A business partnership with Beautex is sure to be consistent and secure on the grounds of sharing common goals of sustainability and conservation of the future.

A Steadfast Service

The experts at Beautex find quick customized solutions for all queries; in person, on the phone and digitally. Even post-purchase they will advise the consumer on everyday product guidance and product range. Associations one has with Beautex are assured to be direct and close-knit. Not only is this because of their countrywide presence and international allegiance but also because of their established ethos of a traditional family business. Beautex has a prominent network of a logistics system which allows quick deliveries across the country, the Asian subcontinent as well as the Middle East.

As an architect or a homeowner, you have a vision of crafting the world around you, cradling projects from their inception by getting down to the finer design details. Beautex has been sharing this vision of yours since 1963, in building dreams from the main door to the back gate of your homes.