Fly Mesh – Beautex

Fly Mesh


The clean and beautiful lines for Blockffly mosquito mesh were specifically designed by the Designer Lucia Di Francesco to turn Blockffly MINIMAL into a furnishing item, in addition to an insect screen.


Blockffly insect screen – AMBRA has all the features of the MINIMAL mosquito screen, including a pre‐assembled kit that truly cuts down on installation time.


Blockffly SMART fly mesh offers a double movement that can cover up to 7.5 m2! It comes with a 4 mm or 8 mm track at floor level, and is available in all Blockffly profiles and net colours.


Grande, a specialized mosquito screen designed for windows & doors with larger widths.


VERA is an insect screen with pleated net that comes in a pre‐assembled kit for vertical opening. The Blockffly Fly mesh system – Vera, ensures continuous operation in time, taking up only 22 mm of space.

Color Options

Blockffly offers a wide range of colors in both Net and Frame to let you choose the right shade matching your windows.