Celebrating Architects this June -

Celebrating Architects this June

From the wonders of the world to the wonders of our state, those eye-catching buildings are everywhere. But what turns a regular building into a monument is the talent behind it. With June being the birth month of immense talent, let’s ponder over a few of the best architects who have left behind their marks on the earth.

Sir Norman Foster

“If you weren’t an optimist, it would be impossible to be an architect.”
1th June

From ‘Mister’ to ‘Lord’, Sir Norman Foster has achieved everything a man can dream of. Like many others, he too faced numerous rejections, but his idea of always planning for a sustainable living helped him reach heights. While there is not enough space to list his artworks, the Zayed National Museum and the restored Reichstag are few among many.

Charles Mackintosh

“Art is the flower. Life is the green leaf.”
7th June

Industrialization and modernization are what influenced Mackintosh. His ideas were all based on simplicity and being natural and thus he believed in using textiles and light to his advantage. He also focused on detailing and furnishing of his buildings, which was designed by him as well and can be seen in his works like the Queen’s Cross Church and The Lighthouse.

Frank Lloyd Wright

“There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.”
8th June

“Organic” is one word that describes Mr. Right. His works and designs have centered his notion of being harmonic and in tune with its surroundings. Overcoming various obstacles in his personal and professional life, Wright became remembered for the honorary recognitions for his lifetime works like the Beth Sholom synagogue, Fallingwater, The Gammage auditorium and a plethora of many more.

John Roebling

“True life is not only active, but also creative.”
12th June

Standing for determination and hope, John Roebling is well known for his works on the Brooklyn Bridge. He never let the words of others doubt his capabilities and stands today to be the man who gave up his life for turning what he truly believed in, into a reality.

Kevin Roche

“The marvelous thing that happens with the mirror is that it is constantly alive as one moves.”
14th June

Kevin Roche, the man who believed that mirrors are paintings, never let go of a single chance to make this reflect in his work. Designing over 200 projects, he was inducted into Irish America’s Hall of Fame in 2012. He has given America and various other countries magnificent structures like the Convention Centre Dublin, The Pyramids and the Headquarters of Santander Central Hispano.

Charles Eames

“The details are not in the details. They make the design.”
17th June

From architecture to films to designing furniture, Charles Eames and his wife Ray Eames have done it all. They have been honored by the US Postal Service which released postage stamps in their name and are also the most influential architects of the 20th century. They focused on the details and ultimately created well-known designs like the St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Wired chairs and the Max De Pree House.

George Edmund Street

“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”
20th June

From business to architecture, George is known for his works of Gothic Restoration. He believed that all artists must have a connection with their works and hence is known for painting murals on the walls of his buildings. Though a lot of his works did not see the light of day, he left behind The Royal Courts of Justice, the Bristol Cathedral and many more.

James Walter Chapman-Taylor

“The fearful bush fires every summer”
24th June

An architectural pioneer, nature left an immense imprint on James’ long career. He created over a hundred homes and was inspired by folk art and mysticism. His works have a classic appeal to them which cannot be seen in works of many others. He firmly believed in his methods and hence his works have a sense of consistency. His first and most well-known work stands to be the Whare-Ra, his first concrete design which became an inspiration to his future designs.