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The Monsoons have arrived, with the arrival of germs and bacteria leading to diseases that affect a lot of people.

The blood sucking mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. They are dangerous when they spread disease. Indian mosquitoes are especially more dangerous since they are vectors for some dreadful diseases. It is important to prepare for monsoon by getting rid of these mosquitoes and the resulting diseases.

Installing mosquito screens is the first and foremost step to prevent mosquitoes at home. While it solves the purpose of having a fly free zone, it also allows cool breeze inside home, resulting in a fresh mosquito free environment.

BLOCKFFLY mosquito screens are pleated screens, with a revolutionary concept, a world – class Italian technology, an innovative and state-of- the-art mechanism especially designed for doors and windows. A 100% European product with a zero bottom system with lateral & vertical sliding movements with a 4-mm track at floor level. This high value system provides for a smooth and pleasant sliding movement. Unlike spring-operated insect screens, pleated insect screens always work, even after long periods of inactivity, as they have no mechanisms or boxes. BLOCKFFLY ensures a mosquito free zone. It provides proper ventilation, comfortable vision and allows fresh air, thus reducing rising energy bills. A screen which is easy to operate and can be effortlessly used by children & elders.

In recent years, BLOCKFFLY has evolved to become an item of excellence of “Made in Italy”. It is the mosquito screen that stands out because of its small footprint (only 22.5 mm), for its collection of nets and for its easy installation.