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“ Our family home is clad in Weathertex, it is 43 years old and is still looking great. We have painted it only twice since its construction.”

  • Jarrah Modular Kit Buildings

    We have been in business for the last 20 years building re locatable offices for house and land developers, who use these buildings for sales offices, which is what they used to use to sell their own house and land products from. We specialize in architecturally designed transportable buildings with a unique twist. We have recently just finished a project in Leichardt. It required demolishing of the back half of a home. The installation process took approximately one day. Our clients were extremely happy with the end result; they were out of their home for approximately 2 months.

  • The Family Home

    The building we run Jarrah Modular Kit Buildings, is our family home. It is 43 years old and is still looking great. It contains a Weathertex cladding, and has had the same cladding on the home since it has been built. We have painted the family home only twice since its construction. My father’s friends built this home for him and it has been the family home since. It has never let us down, and we have been very pleased with the house. For the entire time we have had this home, we have not had to replace the cladding. It is still looking as good today as it did in 1971. I love the family home, I have been living there for 43 years. I am extremely happy with the performance of the Weathertex product on the house.

  • Features and Benefits

    The Weathertex product is very easy to work with. There are a wide range of different profiles to choose from which is fantastic. Weathertex’s architectural panels are very modern and look fantastic once installed, I think this shows that Weathertex are keeping up with consumer demands.